Shay Lia.jpg

The Montreal singer finally released her debut EP Dangerous’ last month. From the groovy baseline and engrossing percussion on “Want You” featuring Kojey Radical to the modestly crafted “Rock Baby” produced by Mr. Carmack, this seven-track project provides a fresh and flirty feel for the summer season. Shay Lia has taken an interesting journey to this point. The singer was discovered by star producer Kaytranada who has already worked with her on a few singles for her as well as on his own projects. She is based in Montreal currently, but was born in France and eventually moved to Djibouti.

Lia’s additional contributions for her EP includes her longtime collaborator Kaytranda, Jeff Hazin, Stacey Shopsowitz, and Planet Giza, among others. Dangerous also includes previously released jams, “Voodoo” and the title track. “I’m so proud of it,” said Lia to her Instagram followers about her new EP. “ I think it’s the right introduction to my world, as a singer, songwriter and art director!” Check out the EP below.