Mr. Carmack Releases ‘Demolish (EP)’ (2019).jpg

Mr. Carmack released his newest EP titled ‘Demolish’ last month which confused some people because of the differences between the BandCamp and the SoundCloud release. There are eight tracks on the final EP from BandCamp but the SoundCloud version contains one new track including three tracks with vocal arrangements. You can check out all versions below and make sure to cop the EP on BandCamp!

Mr. Carmack - Demolish (EP) (2019)
01 - Analogue Intro feat. Mike Gao
02 - Ay Chico feat. Tommy Guns & Tsuruda
03 - Wagyu Beef
04 - Croydon feat. Tsuruda & Promnite
05 - Misha Is Fucking Pissed feat. Tsuruda & Promnite
06 - Hamilton Dub feat. Tsuruda, PJ & Promnite
07 - Mackwood feat. Tsuruda
08 - Goddamnit Golda
- Julianne feat. Deff
- Mackwood feat. Tsuruda (Alternate)
- Croydon feat. Tsuruda & Promnite (Alternate)
- Ay Chico feat. Tommy Guns & Tsuruda (Alternate)

- Julianne feat. Deff