The longstanding FADER Mix series presents this week's FADER Mix with courtesy of the Los Angeles-based producer and DJ Promnite. Though he's originally from New York, Promnite honed his style of bass-heavy production in and around L.A.'s underground beats scene and while being Interviewed by The FADER, he also made a FADER Mix with Three new Mr. Carmack tracks including other artists. If you check out the Tracklist (below) off the Mix, you probably wonder why I didn’t mention other tracks from the list.

Well, the ‘VOCEM’ track is Mr. Carmack’s Remix to Casanova’s ‘Set Trippin' that released earlier this year, the first new track is called ‘Snow’ (at 5:33), followed by the Canadian rapper BBno$ who collaborated with Promnite and Mr. Carmack on the tune ‘Pennies (aka Uptown) for his new release titled ‘BB Steps also released earlier this year. The second new track is titled ‘Box’ (At 13:50) followed by Teddy PendergrassProject Paradis Remix off Teddy’s tune ‘You Can't Hide From Yourself’ released last year.

And the Third new tune is titled ‘Headphone Jack’ (At 29:11) that will release sometime later this year. The track ‘Hummm’ is actually the Mr. Carmack Remix to Childish Gambino’s ‘This Is America’ and the last tune is also a Project Paradis track titled ‘Bull Run’ that’s already been promoted earlier this week, check out the whole FADER MIX below!

Promnite’s FADER MIX Tracklist (2018)

  1. - Promnite – By Design

  2. - Mr. Carmack – VOCEM

  3. - Promnite – Cookinupdope

  4. - Mr. Carmack – Snow

  5. - Kenny Segal – Black Gesso

  6. - Mr. Carmack & Promnite – UPTOWN

  7. - Promnite – aNYthing

  8. - Promnite – Mobbdeep

  9. - Mr. Carmack – BOX

  10. - Project Paradis – You Can’t Run Now

  11. - Promnite – Love I Need

  12. - Promnite – Ex

  13. - Black Atlas – Holdin’ On (Promnite, A-Track & Starro Remix)

  14. - Promnite – Through The Night

  15. - Promnite – Threatz (Instrumental)

  16. - Promnite – Used To Be (UNITY) (Instrumental)

  17. - Promnite – Fade (Nell Version)

  18. - Project Paradis – Headphone Jack

  19. - Mr. Carmack – Hummm

  20. - Project Paradis - Bull Run

  21. - Christo - Butterflies