JNTHN STEIN's debut EP 'Changes' has received the remix treatment from fellow Team Supreme members Mr. Carmack, Djemba Djemba and Penthouse Penthouse. The remixes are a clear display of the LA-based collective's creativity and forward-thinking musicianship. In three distinct takes on JNTHN's live instrumentation the renowned remixers have clearly demonstrated their versatile craft with genre-defying ease. The remixes are out now on etcetc Music.

Mr. Carmack's remix of 'Silvertown' expertly chops up JNTHN's vocal into rhythmic segments, layering them over ambient synth work and a backbeat click that builds progressively. Exploding into a trap style groove and bringing JNTHN's electric guitar solo into the foreground, the remix is yet another master class from an ever-versatile household name. Make sure to cop the EP now on iTunes and check out the tune below.