Team Supreme member Kenny Segal is releasing his new EP titled ‘Kenstrumentals Vol. 2: Summer Rarities’ on August 19th with collaborations by Team Supreme family members Mr. Carmack, Mike Parvizi, Elos, Driver, Goodnight Cody, Harris, Ian, Dot and H-Y. Kenny collaborated with Aaron on the tunes ‘Afternoon Hangs 1 & 2, ‘Worlds To Run’ and ‘Hours Without U’. ‘Worlds To Run’ is actually the Instrumental to Busdriver’s Track with the same name as well as ‘Afternoon Hangs 2’ which is the Instrumental to Harris Cole’s Waves’, make sure to cop the EP on BandCamp and check out the tunes below.

Kenny Segal - Afternoon Hangs feat. Mr. Carmack, Elos & Driver (’16)

Kenny Segal - Worlds To Run feat. Mr. Carmack (’16)

Kenny Segal - Hours Without U feat. Mr. Carmack & H-Y (’16)