Get the new EP HERE, all profits going to tribal leaders and to support #NODAPL. Happy Thanksgiving.

This album is a thank you, and a stern reminder to take this holiday season to revisit and rekindle the flame in you. To take more of an active part in the world and not lie dormant. You work to survive. But, what in your heart is your end goal? With whom or what lies your passion to expand your soul, to keep your heart pumping and allow you to express and to be yourself, fully? By looking for ways to maximize the health, and longevity not just for yourself, but for this earth, you can use that path as your guide, and believe me you will find that passion in you.

Too long you've been silenced, placated, ameliorated, flat out lied to, medicated, pilled, reprocessed, taken advantage of, snuffed out, desensitized, overstimulated, and stuffed with preservatives, processed sugars and white pills, monotonous music, mindless alternate realities on cable tv, brainless celebrity idols and carnival games to keep you entertained, like a baby. No. what does this world need? Who controls the world? And who's controlling them? Who's there to tell them they're fucking it up for everyone and they shouldn't do that? Not only for the sake of the wellbeing of earth, but for us as well? it is up to us. the people. So, with that, after work next monday, don't just go home and take to your tv or computer and turn your brain off.

A paycheck is not your end goal in life. join a library. Take a class. Teach a class somewhere. Read something. Take up a hobby. Paint outside. Learn to plant a tree. Cut meat out your diet. Read up about clean energy tech. Engage yourself. Look into local farms. Or just read, post and repost positive constructive shit on your social media. It’s really not up to anyone, or any god, anymore, to tell us everything will be ok. I am not a baby. It is truly up to us as the most powerful species in the known universe and the sheer power of the instantaneous internet to shepherd this world in a positive direction for all of us. Otherwise, we die. In any denominational way you choose.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Mr. Carmack & Djemba Djemba - Rekindling (EP) (2016)
01 - Mr. Carmack - Low End Theory L.A.
02 - Mr. Carmack - Biotruth
03 - Mr. Carmack - Justicia Ahora feat. gLAdiator
04 - Julie Richards Explains Why She Is Locking Down Machinery At The DAPL (Skit)
05 - Djemba Djemba - So Blunt
06 - Djemba Djemba - All Ages
07 - Djemba Djemba - Positivity
08 - Thanksgiving Address (Skit)
09 - Mr. Carmack & Djemba Djemba - Darker Nature