Humans have some crazy strong power inside us once we can let go of the negative stuff. this is something i've been learning for only the past year, but wow. last year it was a call to play the comeback gig of a lifetime for 8k people. this year it was the one and only Mr. Carmack asking if i wanted to go with him for a gig in paris. "we leave tuesday" he said. "bring your USB." i was in recovery from my whole brain radiation just sitting around and was like "..... ok!" so off we went, and it was pure joy from beginning to end.

Aaron is the realness and it makes me so happy to see this guy who was working three jobs like most of us do in honolulu break out and become a highly respected artist that plays shows at festivals and events all over the world. you guys can imagine how that must have been for me, right? good, cause these? are the only real pics i got. many thanks to you Aaron Carmack for being such a good human. that was definitely a couple of days i'll never forget. i needed that.