BitTorrent report 2015 shows 50% growth for direct to fan distribution platform. BitTorrent has been recasting itself a mainstream direct to fan distribution platform for several years now,  but 2015 was the year that their aspirations came closer to reality. Their annual BitTorrent Report chronicles activity on the platform. A recent survey showed that 41% of artists say they now use some for of direct-to-fan distribution, BitTorent, who sponsored the study, hopes to be at the forefront of this seismic shift.
In the last year their Bundle publisher network grew 50% to more 30,000 creators with 24% using Bundle paygates. "When we launched paygates in 2014, our goal was to build a more sustainable way for artists to share their work with fans; providing creators with 90% of sales revenue, and 100% of subscriber data," Bittorent said in a statement. "In 2015, we saw artists use paygates to fund future projects, and social good initiatives."

The Top 10 Most Downloaded Music Bundles

  1. Ratking
  2. Golden Rules
  3. Fool’s Gold Records
  4. Salva
  5. Lowtemp Music
  6. The FADER
  7. Hundred Waters
  8. Kodak To Graph
  9. Mr. Carmack
  10. Little Simz